The Misconception Megan's Thirteenth Megan's School Trip Megan's School Exams Megan's Followers Megan and The Lost Cat Megan and the Mayoress Megan Faces Derision Megan's Grandparents Visit Megan's Father Falls Ill Megan Goes on Holiday Megan and the Burglar Megan and the Cyclist Megan and the Old Lady Megan's GardenMegan Goes to The Zoo Megan Goes Hiking Megan and The WI Cookery Competition Megan Goes Riding Megan and the Radio One Road Show Megan Goes Yachting Megan At Carnival

Megan Series

'A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger, and One Scary Mother!'

by +Owen Jones

The Megan Series is a sequence of short books, novellas, about the psychic development of Megan, a young teenage girl. In fact, in the first book, she is twelve, but she has her thirteenth birthday in the second volume.

Megan Series

'A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger and One Scary Mother!'

Megan Evans of The Megan SeriesMegan is a girl who has always known that she is different from any adult she has ever known and most other children at school as well. This is because she has always been able to talk to people and even animals that other people said that they could not see.

In her very early life, she had often called out her grandfather's name, or 'gramps' anyway, but 'gramps' wife, who was taking care of her while her mother was at work, thought that she was referring to herself - 'gran'. However, at that age, five or six, she did not understand the concept of death. She just did not understand why others could not see him too.

As she got older, Megan, continued to search for answers, but her own mother was her greatest stumbling block. In fact, in the first edition in the Megan Series, we first meet Megan locked in the coal cellar at home.

She had been locked in there, and not for the first time either, by her own mother for asking questions that she herself found worrying and confusing. The implication is that her mother, Suzanne, had also had paranormal experiences, but had learned to keep stumm about them because her own mother had feared the consequences.

However, Megan is made of sterner stuff that either her mother or her mother's mother and she continues in her quest to find out about her psychic powers. The only problem, if problem it is, though, is that the only people who will help her with her psychic development are dead.

This does not phase Megan at all though, since she has lived with dead people every day all her life. The 'main man' in her team of advisors and teachers so far is a Sioux warrior called Wacinhinsha or 'White Feather' in English.

Wacinhinsha is a very advanced entity, who treats Megan as an equal and teaches her, little by little, how to develop her supernatural powers. Then there is her gramps, who knows that he is dead, but not a lot more. Finally, she has a Siberian tiger friend, whose name is Grrr.

At the time of writing this review, there are twenty-one novellas in the Megan Series:

  1. 'Megan The Misconception' is a dark introduction to Megan's paranormal predicament and some of her friends and family.
  2. 'Megan's Thirteenth' - is about Megan's thirteenth birthday party and her friends and family.
  3. 'Megan's School Trip' - wherein Megan and her school friends are taken on the annual school outing
  4. 'Megan's School Exams' - Megan learns to cope with the stress of having to sit her first real exams.
  5. 'Megan's Followers' - Megan is allowed to go on social media by her parents.
  6. 'Megan and the Lost Cat' - Megan finds a lost cat with the help of a very interesting person she meets in the woods.
  7. 'Megan and the Mayoress' - Megan makes friends with the Mayoress, who becomes her employer and mentor.
  8. 'Megan Faces Derision' - Megan has certain problems at school which cause bullies to laugh at her until she finds a solution.
  9. 'Megan's Grandparents Visit' - Megan meets her father's parents for the first time in ages and finds she has allies.
  10. 'Megan's Father Falls Ill' - Megan's father is ill for the first time in her life. She uses her psychic powers to help him get better.
  11. 'Megan Goes on Holiday' - Megan enjoys her holiday abroad, but makes a fool of herself when she returns.
  12. 'Megan and the Burglar' - Megan finds out who burgled their house but what should she do next?
  13. 'Megan and the Cyclist' - Megan and her friend come across an injured man while out cycling
  14. 'Megan and The Old Lady' - Megan meets an old lady who greatly influences her and vice-versa
  15. 'Megan's Garden' - the old lady in the last story inspires Megan to create her own garden. Megan looks for fairies in it.
  16. 'Megan Goes to The Zoo' - the family has a day at the zoo. Megan is not sure, except for the tigers and an elephant
  17. 'Megan Goes Hiking' - Megan goes with a friend to her grandparents' near St. David's , where she tries hiking
  18. 'Megan and The Cookery Competition' - Megan's mother, Suzanne persuades her to enter a cookery competition
  19. 'Megan Goes Riding' - Megan and Jane take riding lessons, but it doesn't go completely as expected
  20. 'Megan and The Radio One Road Show' - Megan's idea leads to her increased fame and popularity in Feyton
  21. 'Megan Goes Yachting' - Megan and Jane are invited on their friend's yacht, provoking historical images in Megan
  22. 'Megan at Carnival' - Megan takes part in Feyton's Carnival, but her friends have to bring her back to Earth

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by +Owen Jones