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  • A day at the races with his old friend Mike turns out be something rather surprising for a man that likes the occasional flutter on the gee-gees. This is a short story by Owen Jones.

  • A Night in Annwn is the story of the near-death experience of William Jones, an old sheep farmer from the Brecon Beacons. Annwn is the old Welsh word for Heaven, but it was underground

  • 'Authorship - Publishing Your Book On Your Own' is a book or manual for writers and would-be wfriters, and authors and would-be authors who would like to be capable of publishing their book

  • There is a news story fresh this minute from Bangkok about Backpackers and Vampires in Thailand. The details are still sketchy, but it seems to be affecting the...

  • This page is about my trilogy of books called 'Behind The Smile'. It is the three-part story of Lek,a bar girrl in Pattaya, Thailand.Read an outline here

  • This is an opportunity to read the first chapter of Behind The Smile free of charge. 'A close Call', the first chapter, amounts to 5,000 words of the 112,000 total in the book

  • Bpom was one of two dogs we had for a few years here in Thailand. He was the cleverst dog I have ever had, but one day Bpom was killed by accident not ifteen feet from our house

  • This page contains the contact details for Owen Jones. Please read on for further details.

  • 'Cow Sauce' is a very short story by Owen Jones. It is basically a true story and I hope that you enjoy it. Owen has written two nevels in a series and several short stort stories

  • 'Dead Centre', the latest novel by Owen Jones, is a thriller about a new form of terrorism, a more organised type of crime that takes place in seven countries and dozens of cities

  • Four very large explosions can be heard in the dead centre of Bangkok. On-the-spot witnesses find it hard to believe their eyes. Three investigations are started but who will get the perps first?

  • Snobbery about fiction and factual literature usually begins in university, but solution, like with AIDS is not abstention but by prevention through self-awareness. Don't become a snob too

  • Many people look down on fictional writing, thinking that it is somehow inferior to factual work. I give some food for thought on the subject in this article

  • Wayne Gamm was born to shepherds on a remote farm in north-mid Wales. His mother was a White Witch. so he grew up different from the other children. They shunned him and called him Fate Twister

  • Wayne Gamm is no ordinary child. His mother and Grandmother are both powerful White Witches and young Wayne has inherited their abilities, though, unlike them, has next-to-no control over them.

  • This short story is about an unexpected event - gambling in a church. But not any old church! Click through to read ths short story about gambling in a church in Amsterdam's Red Light district.

  • How To Get 15k Twitter Followers a Month tells you how to increase your number of Twitter followers exponentially and keep them targeted to your business

  • 'How To Give Your Dog A Real Dogs Life, and make him love you for it!' is a new manual by Owen Jones on how to buy a dog, take care of it, feed it, train it and even tell it jokes!

  • Lemon Shit is a short story by Owen Jones based on an actual event that occurred in the village where he lives in northern Thailand

  • Owen Jones comes from Barry, South Wales an is the author of the novel 'Behind The Smile ~ the story of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya'. He now lives in Thailand.

  • Mangoes is a short story by Owen Jones based on an actual event that occurred several years ago in the village where he lives in northern Thailand

  • This article is about manners in general, but specifically manners on buses, which British people used to take as a benchmark of someone's level of manners

  • This article, 'Manors on Buses' refers to the amount of private space that people like to have around them to feel comfortable. This often means people having their own seat

  • "Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite-Sized Chunks' is a manual for busy small business owners on adverting using both on and off line methods with a great kick in the end!

  • 'Megan Faces Derision' is a short story based o the popular 'Megan Series' of novellas abut the psychic development of a teenage girl. Click through for moree info

  • 'The Misconception' is the first part of the story of Megan and her search for answers to her questions about her supernatural pwers. This is the first chapter - Hobson's Choice

  • The Megan Series consists of a number of novellas that are issued at the rate of one a month. The stories are about Megan, a teenage girl who is discovering her latent psychic powers

  • The Megan Series is based on an idea my father had twenty years ago and things both my mother and ny father told me throughout my formative years. I hope you find them interesting

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall is a short story by Owen Jones, who has been interested in Spiritualism and reincarnation since he was a young boy. He still takes a second glance in mirrors

  • This is a collection of miscellaneous articles written by Owen Jones The articles can be on any subject, so what you'll find here is anyone's guess. Regards, Owen.

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  • This is a true story. The effects of the explosion, or the implications of it, the possibilities, did not strike me until hours later. It has made me realise how scary a bomb is.

  • Many of my books contain references to what most people would call mysticism, whch in this context includes reincarnation, Spiritualism, Healing and the Afterlife

  • This is Owen Jones' NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2013 winners' certificate for his novel 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' - his first crime thriller

  • This is the personal website of Owen Jones from Barry, South Wales, the author of 'Behind The Smile ~ a Bar Girl in Pattaya'. This page tells of his books and novellas and when he wrote them

  • This is the personal website of Owen Jones from Barry, South Wales, the author of 'Behind The Smile ~ a Bar Girl in Pattaya'. He now lives in northern Thailand.

  • This is Owen's blog and the main website concerned with Owen Jones. It contains dozens of articles on his thought, books and life.

  • This page contains a list of some of the works by Owen Jones, the author from Barry, South Wales, but there are many thousands of articles and ebooks that will never make it here...

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  • This is a list of the short stories written by Owen Jones. They are available to read on line on the site. Titles include his first story 'A Day At The Races'. And now poetry too!

  • This [ages contains the privacy policy of Owen Jones and his web site. Read on to find out how he handles and uses any cookies placed on your computer.

  • Owen Jones comes from Barry, South Wales an is the author of the novel 'Behind The Smile ~ the story of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya'. He now lives in Thailand.

  • A man is summoned to a surprise family gathering, which he is told to treat like a family board meeting. The meeting is set to repeat every Saturday that he wants to turn up, but what is going on?

  • The Light Bulb is a short story by Owen Jones, who has been interested in Spiritualism and life after death since he was a young boy. He still listens to light bulbs in the dark

  • When I stayed in my brother's house, I heard some strange sounds, but I had not reckonned on The Old Lady in the Rocking Chair

  • 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' is my entry into the International NaNoWriMo comopetition. 'White Lily of Bangkok' is the story of Lily who was abused as a child but gets revenge as an adult

  • This is a review by Lilian Roberts of the novel 'Tiger Lily of Bangkok' by Owen Jones, which was a NaNoWriMo 2013 winner. It was published by Megan Publishing Services

  • This story is called: 'What Does The Mafia use Potatoes For?' and has an element of truth - a sack of potatoes was left at my door with such a label as in the story.

  • When The Lights Dim is the first poem that Owen Jones has written fo 50 years. He would love to receive your reaction to it.

  • This short story is from an actual memory I have of asking my mother, when I was seven or eight, why men have nipples