How To Get 15k Twitter Followers Every Month

How To Get 15k Twitter FollowersTwitter and Facebook are surely the most important social media platforms on the Internet. I can personally say that I get between forty and fifty sales a month minimum from these social media alone.

You may think that that is not much, but the figure, say an average of one or two a day, deserves better analysis than just a face-value dismissal.

And don't forget that those buyers will recommend your book if they like it.

I have 27,000 followers in one Twitter account, but it was not always like that. I had six followers at Christmas in 2012, but I discovered a way of attracting 500-700 new followers a day. I had 18k by the end of January 2013 and stopped trying to get more.

In fact, I stopped trying to gain or retain followers for four months and I was losing at least 100 followers a day, but gaining about 60 organically. I dropped to 13k during this period when it was more important for me to get my second novel finished, published and promoted.

I started rebuilding my Twitter account using the methods in this book, but Twitter had changed in the meantime and I was getting banned every week. I had to rethink my strategies.

In order to get 500 real followers a day, you need to spend about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening on Twitter every day at least. I had been doing 90 minutes three times a day.

I cut this back to twice a day, but was still getting banned although less often. I eased off the throttle again when I decided to turn the two books that I had already written into a trilogy.

I was back up to 17k within about six weeks, but I was still losing 100+ followers a day although most of them were non-native English-language speakers and people that I had not followed back for some reason or other.

At the beginning of July 2013, I stopped again to write two short books and when the time came to promote them, I was back to 18k. My books are written now, so I am going to take August off to grow my Twitter garden again which now stands at 27k.

I want 50k by the end of the year spending no more than 30 minutes once a day working at it and I know that I can do this using the techniques and tools recommended in this pamphlet of only just about 10k words, I forget now.

What I mean is that those two book sales have come from far fewer than a following of 27k for most of the time.

However, it is very succinct and can be read and put into action within a day and at $2 it is cheap enough too.

A one-off payment of $2 and thirty minutes a day with no bans should easily net you 60-100 followers a day or 2,000-3,000 a month, but you will get twice that with an hours work a day and the more followers you have the faster your account will grow.

In fact, once your a/c starts growing quickly and once it gets to a certain size, Twitter will start promoting your account for you by recommending you to people its algorythmns calculate will follow you.

by +Owen Jones