How To Give Your Dog A Real Dogs Life

(and Make Him Love Your for It!)

How To Give Your Dog A Real Dogs Life'How To Give Your Dog A Real Dogs Life (and Make Him Love Your for It!) is a manual about how to take care of a dog, which deals with the subject even from before you have bought or acquired your dog. In other words, it begins with the very selection of your pet.

The title, 'How To Give Your Dog A Real Dogs Life (and Make Him Love Your for It!), sets the tone of the book - it is mildly humorous in its approach, but do not let that fool you into thinking that Mr. Jones does not know about dogs or that he does not know how to put it across.

This book, or perhaps manual, to be more accurate, is a complete work and as such has something for every dog owner, but it is best suited for those who are just embarking (pun intended) on a life with a dog, because it has excellent advice on which type of breed to choose to suit you, your family and your home.

Did you know, for example, that some dogs are 'healthier' than others for those humans who suffer from allergies?

Or that once you have selected the breed that best suits your circumstances, there are ways of choosing the puppy with the type of character that you prefer?

The answers to these questions and many more are given within the first dozen pages alone! There is a great deal of information and a great deal of value in this book of almost a hundred pages, which seems just right for the information that Mr. Jones conveys.

There is very little padding, just enough to put in the odd humorous item, although not all of the humour is about jokes. I personally loved the sections on 'How to Speak Canine' and 'How To Tell Your Dog A Joke', but I will not spoil those sections for you by revealing them here.

Apart from what I have already mentioned, there is advice on how to get your dog home; travelling with him or her; your dog's requirements within its new home, such as its bedding and basket.

There is advice on food and the quantities it requires at the different stages of its life; pregnancy; training it; introducing it to the neighbourhood; swimming with your dog and anything else you can think of.

'How To Give Your Dog A Real Dogs Life (and Make Him Love Your for Doing It!) is an excellent book-cum-manual and I thoroughly recommend it to all dog-owners. It would make an especially appropriate gift for any child living in a family with a dog.

The ebook costs only $3.99 and can be bought from the author on his web site below, but also from all major retailers. However, I recommend the printed book version, the link to the publisher of which is also in the Bookshop on this web site

by +Owen Jones