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  • Behind the Smile is the story of Lek, a Thai bargirl in Pattaya, Thailand. The book traces her life from leaving her farming village to her life in the hurly-burly of Pattaya, a men's paradise.
  • The story of Lek, a bar girl in Pattaya
  • The personal blog of Owen Jones
  • Lily was abused from the age of eleven by an 'uncle'. One day, she exacted revenge on her 'uncle', but the incident bothered her for years, until she exploded and then the whole of Bangkok knew
  • Heng Lee becomes anaemic but does not have the money to go to the hospital a hundred miles away, so the local shaman comes up with an alteernative solution.
  • When six bombings occur around the world, it takes the dead centre co-ordination of the police forces, a nation's hackers and the SAS to even come close to stopping the gang, but will they succeed?
  • What is the benefit of reading literature in Kindle vs book format? You don't know? Well, click through to read the different uses of Kindle vs book formats.....