Marketing for Small Businesses

in 52 bite-sized chunks!

Marketing for Small BusiessesReviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite

Even having the correct chairs in your office can make a huge difference in your marketing and that is where Owen Jones begins in Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite Sized Chunks. A business owner has to be relaxed and comfortable before setting out on the marketing adventure. One of the most daunting challenges in starting and maintaining a small business is marketing.

Owen Jones explains how to set up and properly direct your campaign in the right direction in 52 easy steps. The reader will not only learn how to make the best out of traditional, offline marketing campaigns, but will be shown how to combine those efforts with online marketing campaigns. He explains how blogging and article writing can lead people to your site and get them through the door.

He goes into detail about the ins and outs of SEO, RSS, PLR, PPC and DMCA as well as how to best use social networking sites to their highest potential. Owen also adds a list of books for further study and offers plenty of links related to marketing, as well as tips on how to boost your business credit. All of these topics and more are found in an easy to read, easy to access format which can be used for future reference.

The format and easily understood information which Owen Jones puts forth in Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite Sized Chunks makes it a handy and practical reference for the small business owner who is either starting out or who has been there a while and needs to have a fresh approach to marketing in the 21st century. Easily accessible, practical and detailed; Marketing for Small Businesses in 52 Bite Sized Chunks is the “go to” guide for small businesses.


Marketing in 52 partsThis book is available in print and ebook formats from Amazon, Createspace and Lulu.

It is meant for any busy person who sells his or other people's services, so especially the one-man-band self-employed.

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by +Owen Jones