Megan, My Father and Beliefs

by +Owen Jones

My father was a spiritualist healer. Some of my earliest memories are of going with him on a Friday night to the Spiritualist church that his mother had established, where he would give healing sessions to anyone who came along.

The Megan SeriesMegan, My Father and Beliefs

I must have been pretty young, because what I remember most is singing 'Yes we'll gather at the river' and playing under a large table with my brother. I remember a lady giving me healing once to cure a headache that had put me on the verge of tears too.

Besides healing, my father liked to draw, paint and receive automatic messages. In all likelihood some of his paintings and drawings were automatic too, because they were often of people 'from the other side' that he had met, but he also liked to draw horses.

One day, a few years before he died he gave me a large bag of books and loose pages that he had written or drawn on and asked me 'to do something with them. I haven't finished doing it yet, but two years ago, on the day he was born and died, I published a small book of some of his writing - some poetry and some prose.

Every year on his birthday, 21st February, I add a few more pieces. I shall try to add ten more every year from now on and a few scans of his drawings. However, there is one piece that I especially want to add, but I haven't found it yet.

He had asked my opinion of it a decade before he died and he told me that he hoped to write a series of stories either like it or based on it. I don't know yet whether he ever did or not, but I haven't come across them yet, and I'm pretty sure that I have looked through most of his stuff.

Anyway, I can remember a lot of the story, and I will be able to rewrite it if it has disappeared.

I won't tell you a lot about it here, but it was about a tramp who freezes to death in a shop doorway one winter because no-one cared.

He wanted the stories to be helpful to people, that is to show them things, another perspective. Not quite moralising, but certainly stories with a moral.

Then, in the same vein, twenty years later, I came up with 'The 'Megan Series' - perhaps not a good title, but all that I could think of when the time came to name it. The series is a number of books, 10.000-word novellas really, about the psychic development of Megan, a thirteen-year old girl.

Megan is interested in spiritualism, and sees ghosts from a very young age, but she has no-one alive to talk to about them. Her only help comes from a Siberian tiger, her dead grandfather and her Spirit Guide, Wacinhinsha, who had been Sioux.

Her mother is violently opposed to her beliefs and sometimes locks her in the coal cellar and she is frightened to approach her father in case he finds out what has been going on and fights or even divorces her mother, which would lead to her having to live alone with her, and that would have been much worse.

However, her situation gradually improves at home and so, on and so on.

I intend writing one story a month, I started in June 2013 and I am on number eight at the moment.

The Eternal Plan - RevealedIf you would like to read my father's book, it is called 'The Eternal Plan - Revealed' by Colin Jones, edited by Owen Jones (lick the image).

And if you would like to read 'The Megan Series', it starts here for 99 cents 'The Misconception' by Ceri Carpenter (a pen name)

The Megan Series

by +Owen Jones